Free to Good Home

We’re trying to find Buddy a good home around here. We’ve done everything we can, accruing big vet bills in the process of elimination (no pun intended), but he just doesn’t seem housetraineable. It’s not fair to him to be crated for hours upon hours, but we also can’t subject our neighbors (or the whole south end of town, for that matter) to his beagle baroooo all hours of the day and night by putting him outside. He needs a new home.

I’m taking him to the vet for his follow-up chest x-ray today and hoping it shows no enlargement of his heart. If it is enlarged, a simple and inexpensive medication will be needed for him, but he’ll remain a healthy doggie even so. I’m putting this flyer up at the vet’s office and a few other places in town, and we’re going to carefully screen anyone wanting to take him. I listed the URL to the flyer so people can acess it easily online, too.

** Later **

His heart is fine, the vet said. Yay! The vet also said that any dog that can hold it for nine hours in his crate, yet pees all over the office floor when he’s just been outside an hour earlier wants to pee inside. He said beagles are notoriously difficult to housebreak, and that he had to find a new home for his own beagle for the same reason. His was a female, and she just would not be housetrained.

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