Frames and lenses starting at $8.00

As the title of this entry implies, I’ve stumbled upon a tremendous bargain this week! Today a friend of mine sent me a link to an online provider of deeply-discounted eyeglasses. As soon as I saw the site, I wondered if it was the same business I’d heard mentioned on the Clark Howard show this week. Sure enough, it was!

A caller on Clark’s show phoned in to talk about what a great experience she had ordering from Zenni Optical. At a local optician’s, she’d spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $250 on a pair of bifocals. When she saw she was able to buy a similar pair from Zenni for only $45, she exercised her right to return the new glasses and went with Zenni. Clark, too, has had experience with this company and gave them high marks.

Zenni Optical still doing it is still giving amazing deals on prescription eyeglasses to the public. $8 is all it costs for basic prescription glasses. Clark has ordered a pair and so have others on the staff and the customer service and the products have been fantastic. Clark finally got his in and he has not had any problems with them. So if you want some cheap prescription eyeglasses that don’t feel cheap, check out Zenni!

Source: Clark’s Show Notes from 6/27/2007

Clark’s proud to be a skinflint, but he wants quality. I think it bodes well when there’s so many props about Zenni at Clark’s site and at Epinions.

It would be great to have several pair of glasses and switch between them depending on my mood. Oh, and to have a pair to wear when I’m gardening…No worries of accidentally scratching them with my grubby hands. They even have sunshade sets that include the matching magnetic clip-on shades.

Zenni offers some really stylish frames made out of a wide range of materials, including the titanium memory frames you can twist and bend (great for klutzes like me). Speaking of Klutzes, Zenni’s prices are great for anyone who has to buy glasses for their kids. Check out their children’s frames.

These are some I thought were really cute. I have kind of funky taste when I’m in the mood.

I think these would be great for sunglasses. They come in several frame colors and the price with lenses is $8. They only charge $4.95 to tint the lenses. How can you beat $12.95 for prescription sunglasses?

Yes, these are a little off the wall, but I kinda like ’em. They come in different colors, too.

For those who like more traditional frames, there are plenty to choose from. I can’t believe the selection they offer, and the most expensive frame you’ll find on the site is $39.95, and that is for frames with bifocal/progressive lenses.

These cost less than ours did and we just paid a co-pay plus a little extra. The only downside is not being able to try them on first, but if you know your preferences as far as frame shape and color, you’re going to be pretty safe. They do state that all sales are final, but they also have an unconditional return policy effective for four weeks after the date of purchase; if you return your glasses, they will refund you 50% of your purchase price, excluding shipping charges. As inexpensive as they are in the first place, that’s not much risk at all, even so.

Have I made any money from this post? Nope, not one red cent. But I’ll tell you, I SO wish they had an affiliate program, because I would love to advertise them. What a service they’re providing! If they did have an affiliate program, they probably couldn’t keep their prices so low.

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  1. If other optical places knew their customers were using Zenni maybe they would have to lower their prices. It is ridiculous what it costs to get a pair of glasses in a regular store. This is a much better option! Thanks for blogging about it 🙂

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