Food for thought

Howie and I are back on the diets. He’s lost 32lbs and I’ve lost 11 so far. I’ve started posting again in the message boards at 3 Fat Chicks site, especially since Howie’s active there, and I’d invite anyone on a quest for a healthier body to check out the site.

Also, I loved this critique of The Swan. I couldn’t have said it better. Great blog, by the way.

4 thoughts on “Food for thought

  1. My hubby has lost way more weight than i have–but mine is coming off slowly but surely.
    One day i am going to be disciplined enough that my diet style will simply be enough and i wont have to “diet” anymore.
    It’s a very difficult balance to someone who loves food and loves to eat.

  2. We’re both that way. We looove to eat. Howie tends to get really creative with his cooking when we’re dieting, and that makes it nice; he comes up with some deliciously spiced recipes that are very satisfying while being low in calories and fat. Kudos to the chef!

  3. I didn?t even realize until now that Howie had his own site. He doesn?t have comments section though.

    I thought it was very interesting and I loved looking at his pictures. The ones where he is making pan fried steak are very cool and original 🙂 Your kitchen looks delightful!

  4. Well, thank you! 🙂 What’s funny is, the kitchen is the one room we’ve done nothing with (save replacing the original range and refrigerator). The cabinets still have their paint rubbed off to the metal near their handles, the walls still have the same sickly yellow peeling paint…I just didn’t photograph them, LOL! Kinda like my garden pictures, where I tend to pass by shooting the nearly prostrate light-starved poppies, the beetle-chewed circle flowers, and the spindly roses that have never thrived. Selective eye! 😉

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