Folding colander

I’m not normally one to jump on the “As Seen on TV!” bandwagon, but a kitchen tool caught my eye as I watched TV this morning. Its design is simple, and – most importantly – it makes sense.

As someone with a tiny kitchen with little cabinet space, I’m picky about what kitchen gadgets I keep. Are they indispensable? Are they worth the space? Alton Brown’s always talking about how unitaskers (stuff that serves only one function and takes up storage space) have no place in his kitchen. I thought about that motto a lot as we sorted through all our kitchen stuff after our remodel a few years ago.

Well, this tool qualifies as indispensable, no doubt…Even if it could be called a unitasker by a purist. But even Alton Brown has some variation on them. And as far as space goes, this is a gem because it folds flat.

fold-flat-colander.jpgCurious? I was! It’s the flat fold colander As you can see, I found it on Amazon for well less than the $14.95 + S/H the TV commercial touted.

I have a credit out at Amazon and am sorely tempted. The customer reviews are good. What appeals to me, other than the fact that it folds flat, is how it stands up high enough you won’t get water back in whatever you’re draining. That’s pretty darned nifty. I figured if I liked it, other cooking nerds might like to see it, too. 🙂

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