First cut with my new Cricut Expressions

First cut with Cricut, originally uploaded by gardenwife.

Yep, I’m a big old nerd, not that this is a surprise! My first word cut with my Cricut Expressions? Why Cricut!, of course! There’s an exclamation point, too, but it wouldn’t fit on the machine when I set up this shot. This is the Plantin Shadow font , one of two cartridges that came with the product.

I still need to get the hang of knowing what speed and pressure to use with various types of paper. My first test page was on plain copy paper and tore. My second cut was on cheap cardstock and it didn’t quite cut all the way through, so I had to clean up the edges of the letters with scissors. This third try, though, worked like a charm.

The picture’s lousy since it was taken in low light with a camera phone. But that just adds to the nerdy essence. 😉

2 thoughts on “First cut with my new Cricut Expressions

  1. Too Funny Fiska Friend! My Cricut is coming from AC Moore….another one of those awesome deals. It shipped on Friday, can’t wait to get it and start to play. I’m actually rearranging my entire craft room to make it Cricut friendly…LOL.
    Look forward to seeing all your great art work and finding out how the program works for you.
    Tabatha #4978

  2. Thanks for the comment, Tabatha – I appreciate it! Yay for you – a Cricut! You’re going to have so much fun. I’m going to a free class at the LSS to get acquainted with its features. Downside: have to lug the heavy thing over there. Plus side: It’s free.

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