Finally tried Twitter

I’ve heard people talk about Twitter for the past year or so, but never gave it a whirl. Normally, I love trying out new applications that warrant a nod on the tech blogs and other sites I read. I’m a geek, you know? What held me back was the thought that Twitter is just a frivolous, mini newsfeed designed to let people tell their friends what they are eating for lunch, what color socks they’re wearing, and other ultimately unimportant details of their daily lives.

Well, I finally gave it a chance, and I like what I see. Yes, there is a lot of clutter out there in the Twitterverse, there’s no doubt about that. However, there’s also a lot of interesting, useful stuff. Used in conjunction with third-party developers, bloggers can twitter the link to their latest blog posts.

I am far more likely to pop over and read a blog post if I see a twitter about it. I do use RSS feeds via Google Reader, but my reading list has become so bloated, it’s overwhelming.  I really need to shave that down and, at the least, reorganize it into daily reads, weekly reads. Twitter helps me cut through the clutter. Of course, if you look at the opposite end of the equasion, you can see that Twitter gives bloggers and other content providers an advantage when it comes to visibility.

For that reason alone, I would use Twitter, both as a blogger and a reader. It’s also interesting to me as a marketing nerd since it is a popular way for marketers to feel the pulse of consumers and to disperse content to them in bite-sized portions. I like hearing what other people find interesting online, too, and many people use Twitter to post links to videos, news stories, and other online content.

I’m incorporating this blog into my Twitter feed now, using Twitterfeed for now. It uses my site’s RSS feed, checking for a new feed every hour, and posts a Twitter when it finds one. I will probably incorporate a WordPress plugin which automatically sends a Twitter whenever I post a blog entry. That way, it’s not dependent on a third-party site.

I’m pretty judicious when it comes to who I will follow on Twitter, though, because I know it could quickly become like my reading list at Google Reader!

3 thoughts on “Finally tried Twitter

  1. The only Twitter comments I have seen have been about nothing really. But, I admit that I have not looked around the Twitter community either. I think you are right – you could end up with a lot on your reading list!

  2. Someone described it as “Facebook status updates on crack”. That is another way of looking at it. It’s very spontaneous, which can be a good thing or a bad thing!

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