Fill ‘er up

Well, I think need the Zithromax after all. Yesterday, from the time I got up to the time I went to bed for the night, I had a relentless sinus headache. The Ultracet hardly even touched it, and to add insult to injury, Ultracet makes me feel really queasy.

Fortunately, I have some prescription anti-nauseal left over from when I had a stomach virus. That helped the queasiness abate, plus it made me sleepy enough I was able to get some sleep last night. Today, when I awoke with the same awful pain in my forehead and beneath my left eye, I went ahead and called the doctor to get her opinion. She said it sounds like classic sinusitis and the infection’s probably not showing up (read: blowing out) because it’s packed up tight in my head. This is typical for me. She said I should start feeling better within 24-48 hours of starting the Zithromax.

One of these days, I’ll probably cave and go ahead with sinus surgery. I keep putting it off, but each subsequent infection just makes me that much more miserable and puts me a little more on this side of willingness. I’m just afraid I’ll go through all the pain of surgery recovery and gauze packs only to find it doesn’t offer a lasting cure. I have such a low pain tolerance – me very wimpy, people.

Bleah. I promise I’ll find some funny stuff on the web today and publish something a little more uplifting than my snotty head. Just feeling rather down right now.

2 thoughts on “Fill ‘er up

  1. Aww,… you poor thing! I hope you get your sinuses under control soon and are feeling better.

    Oh,.. and by the way. Remember that local news story i was blogging about. Someone posted a comment from my local area defending the mother,..:-P

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