Fences make good parents?

Ou back yard slopes gently upward in back, ending on the crest of the embankment which separates the gradeschool parking lot from the homes which border it. Three years ago, we got a bargain on some distressed 1-gallon forsythia bushes at Lowe’s and planted them along the rear property line as a natural privacy screen. The bushes are finally settling in and developing the graceful curving branches they’re known for.

One day last week, Howie noticed a couple of little boys running up the hill behind our lot and into our yard. In particular, he noticed them peeing on one of our bushes! Having some fun, he called out the window, “Hey, don’t you be doing that in our yard! Go to the school to do that!”. They retreated.

A few days later, while he and I were sitting in the back yard, the boys were back. This time, they ran up and down and around the bushes. That didn’t bother us much until they started grabbing branches and breaking them. This time I went after them.

I walked quickly their way, intoning, “Hey, get out of here – go on, git!” Just as I got to where I could see over the hill, I saw the mom and some other woman down in the parking lot.

She glanced my way, and I said, “Please, keep your kids out of our yard. They’re breaking the branches on our plants.”

She turned to me and shouted, “Put up a fence!”

Oh, okay…Put up a fence. Put up a fence?!

Put up a fence to keep her rugrats from getting in our yard and damaging our plants?

Oh, this so she and her pal can yak after picking their boys up from morning kindergarten session, while the boys run around and do whatever they please, ignored.

I kinda lost it…Kinda saw a wee bit red. I threw my hands up in the air – you know the gesture – and said, “Ya know, ya could {gesture} make them mind you! {gesture} What an earth-shattering concept, huh?!!”, turned around and walked back down into our yard.

It was one of those last-straw kinds of things. I know there are responsible parents out there, as opposed to simple breeders. It’s just that it’s the irrisponsible breeders whose kids we most often see doing their destructive stuff.

I wish the responsibly-parented kids were as obviously well-mannered as the undisciplined and ignored kids are awful.

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9 thoughts on “Fences make good parents?

  1. You need to plant aomething a bit less child friendly in that area. Something with nice thorns that jump out at you if you get too close.

    As for “losing it” you were pretty nice compared to my “losing it”. I have been known to take a child by the arm and deliver him to his Mother. I believe I told the last one something to the effect that her errant DNA samples were polluting the human gene pool and I would appreciate it greatly if she would contain them before it became necessary for me to call an exterminator to control the pests. Then I wrote down her car license plate and explained it would come in handy for the police report and insurance claims for the damage her DNA caused to my property….funny thing…she flipped me off but I never saw her kids again… do you think it might have been something I said?

  2. poison ivy makes a lovely addition to any privacy naturalized area. Mwaaa haahaaaaaa…

    Itching powder…
    broken shards of glass…

    my guess is now the boys will really antagonize you because the mother probably complained all night- feeling inwardly incompetent as a parent, but she will be forced to turn that anguish outward and onto you- or else fold and admit she has lost full control of her kids- or worse- she never wanted control in the first place. Either way, I think you will be the target.

    The only thing I would suggest is each time you see the boys in your bushes or yard to walk up and confront her personally- each time… and she will at some point become so frustrated with having her conversation with her pal interupted she will make the boys sit in the car.

    I dont think she will embarress easily.
    I think you have to make it an inconveniance for her.

    Sorry. This sucks. Poor little forsythia! 🙁

  3. Also take the little darlings pictures any time you see them on the property. And if possible make sure she sees you doing it. This will act as a deterrant in two ways. 1. she will see that you have proof they were there and wonder if you also have photo’s of them in the act of destroying private property. and 2. Parants get nervous about strangers photogaphing their children in todays messed up world of kidnappings and worse.

    Also zoom in and photograph her, her friend and both liscence plates. Even the worst parent does not want to end up in court and these actions will make them think that you are headed in that direction even if you aren’t.

    Using the flash can help get their attention. Funny thing is that you don’t have to really take the pictures if they “think” you did.

    If they are brazen enough to approach you about the pictures, tell them your attorney advised you to get proof and walk away :~}

  4. GW, I have to agree with whoever posted about taking pictures. This seems to be the nicest way without having to deal directly with the parents. If they do ask you what you are doing, you can tell them that the police needed proof and now you have it.

  5. Well then, with arms on hips…..just send your dogs to pee in their yard. Gosh I forgot, everybody expects me to be so sweet and just rool over, grrrrr.

  6. btw Kimberley, thanks for leaving a pic. of those sweet little blue flowers for me to gush all over. They’re adorable and you take mighty fine pics my dear.

  7. I’d be pissed. I mean, it’s one thing if they apologized and reeled their kids in. It’s another to let them go and teach them that’s it’s ok to disrespect other’s property and belongings, in fact it is encouraged.

    Breeders… that’s funny! I like that.

  8. Totally unacceptable response from the mother!

    You were most definitely right.

    My kids would NEVER behave like that without getting in serious trouble, issuing a sincere apology to the homeowner, and then having to WRITE an apology once we were home.

  9. Wow — can you say struck a nerve? LOL! Well, I’ve not seen anything more of the Peeing Destructo-Boys, and Howie hasn’t mentioned seeing them, so perhaps the mom is being a little more watchful of them (at least around the school).

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