Favorite Pushing Daisies quotes this week

I thought Emerson’s reaction to Olive being a nun was hysterical…It tickled me how he kept blocking his view of everything except her face, then not, then covering everything…

Olive’s way of speaking kills me. As the Depends-like package appears in the jumble of worldly goods falling from the nun’s closet, she says, “Ohhh, top shelf fem products!”.

Best yet, the Mother Superior’s assertion after calling the Vatican to check on Chuck, who is dressed as a nun and says her name is Sister Christian…

“‘Sister Christian’ is nothing but a heavy petting power ballad”.

Priceless. Especially coming from the mouths of those characters.

I must say, it killed me for Olive to spend two episodes in a mountain convent. And. Not. Sing. I got it, okay? It’s all “Hey guys! Let’s have Kristin look like she’s in the freakin’ Sound of Music, but not have her even hum a little tune or anything!” She even twirled around like Maria, for Pete’s sake!

Oh, you miserable teases.

2 thoughts on “Favorite Pushing Daisies quotes this week

  1. I have yet to see this show. Can you believe it? But this sounds like something I should have seen. Hmm, maybe I’ll see if the library has Season One on DVD for me to borrow while I’m recovering.

  2. Oh, you would LOVE this show, Joanie! You don’t even have to start at the beginning. The show tells you the basic premise and brings you up to speed at the beginning of each episode. You can watch a lot of it online! 😀

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