Farm fresh: Another week, another market

This last week flew by. I’ve just now finished editing and uploading new farmer’s market photos. They’re not posted in date order because I wanted to include multipe shots from the same booths together, just for continuity. I’ve tried to include a little information about the vendors when possible.

This market is a godsend. What’s even better than getting the fresh produce is the sense of community such a market offers. I wonder if people realize how fortunate they are to have something like this in town. The turnouts look good, but I don’t know how well sales are going; next week I’ll have to talk to someone in the organizers’ booth and find out how things are going overall.

Today I didn’t loiter visit too much. It was yet another scorcher, plus my mother-in-law was awaiting my return with fresh tomatoes for a salad. The people are all so friendly there, it’s a pleasure to see their familiar faces and say hello. I hate to tear myself away!

If you came here because we talked at the farmer’s market, please drop me a comment or e-mail me and let me know. These market entries and photos are all about you guys – We appreciate ya!

3 thoughts on “Farm fresh: Another week, another market

  1. Help me out please. I might be one of Jerry’s kids, but you are Howie’s wife ? If you are, the holy shit, the two of you are fabulous as a team. If you are not, then I have to tell his wife. Either way, great pix of your loss. Its fabulous. By the way, dont drink milk with pizza, or anything for that matter. Did ya ever breast feed a cow ? OK, never mind, I loved whole milk once too. You look fabulous. Keep up the great show..

  2. Yes, Allan, I’m Mrs. H-Man! Your comment made me laugh out loud (and read it to Howie, who was sitting next to me in his chair. I’m not giving up my milk, nosiree. It’s skim and I love me some moo-juice. With the pizza, I had Diet Dr. Pepper (milk’d be better for me than that!).

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