Fall at Dawes Arboretum

I’ve been absent too long, but it’s all been good. I’ve been busy working at Caribou and find I am online a lot less often now. Today, on my way home from work, I noticed the sun peeking out from behind the clouds every so often. What better time to stop by Dawes Arboretum? The laundry could wait until after dark.

Yes, click below:

I’ve a new camera now, a Fuji FinePix S9100. I bought and returned a Canon PowerShot S3 IS because it just didn’t feel like a “real” camera. My Minolta DiMAGE A1 is still alive, but it needs to be on life support. It was time for a replacement.

The Canon had some things I liked, but the noise was too high on anything above ISO100 and I missed a barrel zoom. The Fuji does not have true mechanical image stabilization, but I’m learning to work around it. I still have some time left before I can no longer return it, so I’m taking as many photos as possible. I love the shots taken outside, but it’s hard to get good ones of the dogs indoors unless I settle for noise. It’s a trade-off.

Cord Camera, by the way, is excellent to work with. I can’t praise them enough.

4 thoughts on “Fall at Dawes Arboretum

  1. Those pictures are fantastic! Thank you for sharing them!
    I looked at them in the small windows though. When I tried to click on them to make them bigger, they were blurry. I guess that is something on my end

    It’s good to hear from you. Are you enjoying the job or is it not what you expected?

  2. Depending on how much traffic Picasaweb gets, the full-sized photos can take a long time to load, even on our cable connection here at home. I thought some of the images were corrupt, but it was just stuck after loading a low-resolution image. When I refreshed the page, the image was okay. Let me know if that helps, okay?

    I do enjoy my job, yes! The people I work with are upbeat and fun. We like to joke around and the company actually encourages it because the customers feel like they can loosen up, too. The last thing they want is a library kind of atmosphere — I’m glad!

  3. Great pictures! I love scarecrow! Didn’t know you got a new camera!!!! :o) Thanks for sharing.

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