Extreme Shallowness

I just caught the tail end of Extreme Makeover while waiting for Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital to come on.

All I can say is, “ugh”. I really hate how our culture values outward appearances so much over inner substance.

Would I say this if I’d been born gorgeous and been thin and fit all my life? I sure hope so. Am I a bitter fat person? No, not really. I have control over what goes in my mouth and what I do with my time — I just don’t make wise choices, and I admit that.

I just hate to see these shows make it seem like surgically altering our bodies will magically change who we are. Sure, it would be a huge change to lose ten pants sizes in a single surgery and fix parts of my face I’m not crazy about…But I’d still be the same person on the inside. And if I didn’t make changes inside, I’d still be miserable once the novelty wore off and find fault with what I saw in the mirror.

It’s got to start *inside*, people.

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5 thoughts on “Extreme Shallowness

  1. Now Kim, I am a beautiful and desireable little thing….inside… But it would be fun if I could magically make the outside match! Trouble is that to surgically seperate me into that wee thing inside they would have to cut me into thirds and that means there would then be three of me. The world is definately not ready for that!

  2. The show has been interesting for the past two weeks. They had been working with three people who wanted extreme surgery. The goal was for each person to lose a certain amount of weight before the doctors would agree to perform the surgeries. All three did lose the weight and they had their surgeries, but how long will it last? They showed two of them on the show cheating on their diets. Now are we really to believe that when they get home (back in the real world) that they will exercise every day and eat right? I don?t think so. Old habits die hard and most people don?t have that much time to preen themselves!

  3. I’ve never seen either show and I agree our culture makes it very difficult to be at peace with our images. Thank God we have Him to show us how to treat ourselves and what our real image is in His eyes is.

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