Exodus of the clothes

Howie and I did a little late-night shopping Saturday night and boy-howdy, things sure have changed.

Here’s Howie in the first XL shirt he’s bought in his adult life. WAY TO GO, BABY!! He bought some 44×32 jeans, too. For anyone new to All-Things-Howie, at his heaviest, he wore a 5X and 66×30 jeans.

No, his legs haven’t grown longer since losing weight. He has a wife who finally got him to try longer jeans. 😉

Fabulous things happened for me, a former size 24-26 poster child. I grabbed three sizes of some Levi’s bootcut jeans I liked and headed to the fitting room with my other choices. Size 20’s? Much too big. Size 18’s? Still a little too big. Size 16’s? YES! I don’t think I’ve worn that size since 1990. I’m now in an 18/20 shirt, too, or an XL mens t-shirt (look out Howie, we’ll be sharing t-shirts clothes again before too long).

Happy day, happy day. I’ll be listing a bunch of our now-loose clothes on eBay the next few days. We need to fund more new clothes!

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5 thoughts on “Exodus of the clothes

  1. That is so awesome for you both! On ebay though, I wouldn’t refer to them as “fat clothes”. I know that I don’t like to think of myself as wearing fat clothes.

  2. I can see your point! Hadn’t thought of that. I changed my wording a bit here now and I think I’ll just mention in the listings that we’re losing weight, link to Howie’s blog, and say we’re trying to fund some new clothes with the proceeds of these sales.

    he TRULY does not look like the same person AT ALL!
    and i LOVED looking through your pics too!

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