Excel Food Log

If anyone’s interested, Howie put together a food diary sheet in Excel. I modified it a little (“prettified it”, don’t ya know) and use it daily.

It keeps a running total of your caloric intake and fat grams, something I find really handy. Here’s a screenprint of today’s entry. I added the notes column so I could note what exercise I’ve done each day and add any other notes. The V/F column is for you to keep track of fruit and veggie servings for the day. The H20 column is for you to keep track of 8oz glasses of water consumed. I drank a 32oz tumbler of water today, but forgot to log it – my bad!

Update: I added columns for D (Dairy) and G (Grains). It might be overkill, but I’ll try it for a while. If anyone would like the XLS file, let me know and I’d be glad to e-mail it to you. I’ll even customize it for you if you don’t know how.

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