Every so often

Every so often, when life is downright hellish and frustrating, you have to take a step back. You have to try and view the circumstances from a fresh and unbiased perspective. It can be hard — shoot, it is hard. But it’s also good medicine.

You have to quit making excuses for poor human beings, and you need to start realizing some human beings are just plain evil. You have to realize that fact is not going to change, at least not any time soon (read: end of the world).

You have to count your blessings. You have to see that there is still an awful lot to be thankful for.

And you have to laugh, not only at the situations, but at yourself. It’s healthy. You have to go read Dave Barry’s wonderful blog. You have to play games not only beautiful, but simple and clever. You have to play fun music, maybe even dance. You have to romp with puppies.

You have to appreciate words like romp and incorporate them into your vocabulary and your life.

9 thoughts on “Every so often

  1. I agree you definately have to add romp to your daily vocabulary and some “PLAY” to your daily activities. Have a great romp filled day even if the world around us is falling to pieces. We’ve still got JOY, HOPE, LOVE and PEACE cuz we’ve got HIM.

  2. So….does being romped upon count? My children love to pounce upon me if they catch me anywhere near the floor and romping does occur, although there are no puppies. And I also think you need to add “sing” to this list. There must be singing.

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