EverPressured by EverDry

My mother-in-law will be moving in with us this coming summer. This is a great thing. She’s a sweetheart and I’m really looking forward to having her here. Our basement already has a shower and commode in one corner and a semi-finished rec room with a fireplace, so we’re finishing those areas and converting our garage into another room. She’ll have a kitchenette of her own and a private bath – what more can you ask for?

Our problem: moisture and black mold in the basement. Before we can do any finishing work, we must remedy those issues. We’ve done our homework and have pretty much decided on a contractor to do the work. Ouch, what a pricetag. But we’re talking health issues here, and we’re talking getting it done right the first time so our finished basement rooms don’t have to be ripped out to fix a problem down the line.

What I’m writing about isn’t so much all of that, but my general disgust at sales tactics by EverDry (aka Ohio State Waterproofing). Since talking to this contractor’s salesperson (who, of course said “I’m not a salesperson. I’m a manager with the company and I’m in town doing scheduling work” blah, blah, blah), I’ve done my homework online, and I’ve learned how just about everything the guy said to us is his company’s standard line. We were given a schpiel about “downtime” and how we can save money on the job if we’re willing to be on standby for a crew to come in and work with 24 hours notice. Of course, he cautioned that he only had TWO slots to fill for such customers in our area, and he needed to know in 24-48 hours.

This guy was a good salesman, I’ll give him that. He drew little pictures and explained the problem (as they see it) and the steps to solving it. He had pictures. He had statistics. He had hundreds of satisfied customers names and addresses. (We knew one of them – saw her name when he wasn’t looking – and called her later.)

I have to tell you, though, I hate pressure tactics and I abhor scare tactics. And that is the standard MO of EverDry. Throughout our cozy livingroom appointment, he kept using the phrase “want me to scare the hell out of you?” and then would proceed to tell us statistics about black mold, sinus infections, etc. He also said that his company had inside information that the government would, in seven months, release data of a study showing that our internal body temperature is the perfect temperature for mold spores to grow, inside our lungs. Jeez!!

I did some deep digging online and found a former employee of the company. He and I have been corresponding, and he’s given us much enlightenment. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at just how much of this salesman’s words were company lines, but I was. And I felt like we were lied to, manipulated. It made me feel gullible and used, frankly.

The thing is, I’ve also found through research that the package they offer, this multi-step system, does look like a thorough solution, even if it might be overkill. DH doesn’t want to spend a few grand on redoing gutters and grading alone, only to find that the moisture problems persist. I can see that. Better to get it all done, and to have a guarantee. One thing this ex-employee told me is they are good to their customers after the sale.

Blargh. This is so stressful!

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