Encouraged by Faythe

I found Faythe’s blog while searching for the lyrics Promoguy threw out there for the Monday Mission. Not only does she have some really neat writing in there, but she’s also a gal after my own heart when it comes to nature pictures. She’s one to get down to the nitty-gritty close-up stuff I love to see. And she loves animals, especially kitties, it seems. She must be a good egg.

Her blog clued me into an article about how one-sided “diversity” can be. Let me preface this by saying that I admit that I am reluctant to get political in my everyday speech or my blog because I don’t relish flames. It’s so rare for people to be able to discuss liberal vs. conservative ideals without it turning ugly, and I just don’t like to go there. I basically like people. And people who live on the way extreme away from what I believe can still be really cool and have great ideas and observances about life — But sometimes I feel like the same openmindedness is not extended toward those of us on the more conservative side of life. This article on MSNBC really sums up what’s frequently been my own experience as a Christian in America.

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