Emmibal Lechter

Our dogs love their stuffed squeaky toys. You might say they love them to death, for in their long and illustrious career of human companionship, they’ve also brutally dismembered their fair share of toys.

Among this lot have been a couple of truly durable hedgehogs. These are their favorites, too; even when the stuffing’s torn from them and nothing but scraps remain, these scruffy, bite-sized pieces of fabric never fail to entertain the girls. They prance and carry them around, flirting with us with heads bent in merriment, daring us to retreive the prizes from their maws. They treasure these tidbits of fun fur.

Anyone who’s seen the deliciously creepy Silence of the Lambs will no doubt remember Lechter’s escape from the great barred cage in which he’d been locked. More specifically, recall the means of disguise he used once he’d killed the first guard. Trust me here, there really is a logical segue between that last paragraph and this one.

These are Emma’s tributes to Dr. Lechter and his prowess in the art of camouflage. Behold, Emmibal Lechter! (Click thumbnails to enlarge.)

* No hedgehogs were harmed in the creation of these images. They were already long gone before this carnage occurred.

3 thoughts on “Emmibal Lechter

  1. My Sheila used to do the same thing to her woobies. Kill the squeaker, rip the stuffing out, strew it about the house, and then carry the carcass around for a few days. Eventually, she’d walk up to you and deposit the threads that were once her beloved toy at your feet, whining for a new one.

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