Emma Update

First off, I have to tell you that I love our vet. He makes over the fur kids and they really respond to him. He’s also got a quick wit and makes me roar with laughter sometimes. Basically, he’s great with animals AND has a good bedside manner. I wish he wanted a website, because I’d make it for him and I’d tell everyone to look him up! But back to the story…

I waited until we knew the complete scoop on the case of the quivering canine before posting. Jim said Emma seems very healthy other than the seizures. The fact that they’re just coming on now when she’s coming into adulthood is common; it’s rare for puppies to get them, so the time period I reported would be about prime time for them to begin. He said dogs which have seizures more than a month apart he’s not too concerned about; a seizure a month is his red flag, as well as dogs which have long/intense seizures and have trouble recovering from them. Emma’s are mild, and the closest she’s had them in our presence is about 45 days apart.

He took a scraping of the rash and, after examining it under the microscope, said He pronounced, “well, there’s no mites and no fungus, so I’d have to say it’s eczema…That’s what I diagnose things as when I have no idea what something is.” He’s so funny! He prescribed a cortizone antibiotic cream to apply twice a day.

While I had her there, I popped into the little grooming place in back and had them trim her toenails. Howie and I try, but she just goes nuts with us. We can do them, but it takes both of us and we never get them as short as they need to be. We learned that giving the dog a mouthful of peanut butter helps distract her, but it’s still a long and loud process. It’s just well worth $10 to have someone else do them. And she LETS them, LOL.

Yeah, we’ve created a spoiled brat. Oh, and when she walked back around to the waiting area, she had on a pretty pink and purple scarf. They put one on each of their clients, even if they’re only there for nail trimming. Garsh that puppy dawg looked purty. ::grin::

Friday afternoon we got the CBC results back, just as promised, and her counts are normal. He wants us to call them whenever she has any seizures so they can keep track of them along with us. If they start occuring within 30 days of each other or increase in severity, it’s time for medication. The rash on her cheek already looks less angry today, too.

3 thoughts on “Emma Update

  1. It sounds like you had a nice visit. Now hopefully those seizures will stay way apart from eachother.

    I think the $10 would be worth it to have someone else clip the nails also. I would be afraid of going too far down. Ouch!

  2. She’s been right as rain ever since that last one right before the holiday weekend. Also, the rash is clearing up really well. Happy dog mommy, me.

  3. Cool beans.

    We had a dog with seizures once. Maggie had a rough time of it. They would hit her hard and fast and leave her wrecked for the rest of the day. Valium. Lots of doggy valium. That’s all we could do for her. When they started hitting her two or three times a week, we knew it was time to put her down. It was heartbreaking, but it was the kindest thing we could do. I still miss her.

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