Emergence from MIA status

It’s nice to be missed…Thanks for writing, Tami. Things have just been a little busier around here the last two weeks or so and I’ve not taken time to write much of anything. I’ll try to do a little catching up.

My friend Angie’s sister was married the last weekend of June and we took many shots at the rehearsal, wedding and reception. Between the three of us, Howie, Angie and I got some great shots. I’ll probably put up a page in the gallery sometime in the next couple days.

The wedding was so neat. The ceremony itself was simple, but a real family affair. The bride and groom each have three kids, so it’s a real Brady Bunch deal (only no quirky live-in housekeeper, right Pam?). Their kids, two boys and four girls, were very much a part of the wedding, standing up for their parents in the ceremony.

There is nothing sweeter than seeing 10-year-old boys excited about getting dressed up in tuxedos! The wedding was held at their farmhose farmhouse {thanks, Angie!}, and the weather could not have been nicer. Can you believe a mostly-sunny day in the 70’s with low humidity….In June? In Ohio, yet? Just lovely! One of my wedding festivity pictures (the bride’s daughter) was chosen as the July 6th Picture of the Day at Onlinephotographers.com – that was exciting news! At the end of the month, people will vote for Picture of the Month and the winner gets 300mb free photo hosting for a year…How cool would THAT be?

In other news, two friends from Dave’s Garden came over to visit Friday. We had a great time and laughed a lot. I took them on an air-conditioned tour of Dawe’s Arboretum and we got a fun group shot up at the top of the observation tower (L-R: me, tcfromky/TC, smiln32/Carla); there was no place to safely prop the camera, so we all just flopped onto the deck at Carla’s suggestion. Great suggestion, I thought!

6 thoughts on “Emergence from MIA status

  1. yep, the weddin’ was held at the farm hose, just in case someone got thirsty and needed an old-fashioned drink! 😉 (you know i’m a-kiddin’!)

  2. I was getting worried! I’m glad that you’re back 🙂
    That picture of the day is great! Who’s the little girl?

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