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eBay’s started sending out e-mails with the slogan “You bought before, now buy more”. I received the latest reminder in my e-mail today.

Their intention is to get repeat business for items buyers purchase. The incongruity of some of the items they send is funny sometimes, though. Today’s reminder to buy more was for an auction I won, “Laurel Burch red Socks POLKA DOT CATS”.

I’m pretty sure I would only ever need one pair of Laurel Burch polka-dotted cat socks in my life. Fact is, I bought them for a friend, so I don’t even have them in my possession. I guess I could buy some for myself, but I think I’ll pass since I tend to roam barefooted unless I have to wear shoes, and then I’m a plain sock girl with tennies. Had I bought a coffee mug like this I might be tempted to get one for myself, though.

3 thoughts on “eBay buy more e-mails

  1. Funny…. I love that cup! Pretty! I have plenty cups but never had DG coffee cup.

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