Earning my moniker

The last few years I barely earned my moniker “Gardenwife”. I think “Computerwife” or “ComputerSlug” would have been more fitting. That’s changing, though, along with me.

This year Howie and I have really worked hard outside. We both feel so much better since losing weight, and I know that’s part of it. Before, I would be so footsore at the end of a day of gardening, I would hobble. And the next morning…Oh, mercy, talk about pain! But 56 pounds less on the tootsies and the back is definitely a relief. I still sweat like a glass of iced tea in a sauna, but my endurance is improving so much!

We’ve got so many plants from friends at DG and locally, and I’m finally getting them into the ground. What a feeling! Some of these poor things have languished since last spring in what were supposed to be temporary pots. God bless perennials – some of ’em can really take the abuse and just bide their time until they’re in great soil.

I hope to have every plant in the ground by July 4th weekend so we can just sit around and enjoy the yard. Our friend Horseshoe from DG is sending us tomato, pepper, bush cucumber, and some herbs. The veggies are going in our newly-prepared driveway bed and it feels so good to have their spot ready for planting. Usually I’m scrambling to make up beds for the plants I’ve bought or received from people. To have a plot ready ahead of time? Unheard of!

Today I planted all three of our window boxes with some pretty little pink begonias (don’t have their name handy). Our shallow white planter I filled with some spikes, zonal geranium, double carnations, begonias and lamium. Some elephant ears from another DG friend, Henry10, I put in a large, pretty blue-glazed ceramic urn; Since they like boggy conditions, I plugged the bottom so the water would not drain right out.

A yellow carpet rose is now the first official plant in the driveway bed. We got it for my mother-in-law for her birthday, a little early. There’s a hot pink carpet rose across the driveway from it, and that rose has always performed just great. Hope this little floribunda thrives there.

Oh, and I fertilized all the beds! When I worked at J&P, I got a great deal at a warehouse sale on a bunch of their little sample starter cans of their now defunct “Green & Grow” fertilizer. It’s been sitting in the basement, unused, for three years. Finally, I emptied several of the canisters into a coffee can and started using it around my perennials and any containers I pot up. It’s not a long-term, time release fertilizer, but it works well.

I did the foliar fertilizing, too, applying wal-mart’s generic for Miracle-Gro with my little Gilmour hose-end sprayer received earlier this year as a freebie with a 1-gallon multi-purpose pressure sprayer I’d bought at Marc’s. Those are the *neatest* sprayers, both of them. I wasn’t really impressed with their regular water hose spray attachments, but these garden sprayers work very well so far.

There is still poison ivy and other weeds to contend with in the back yard’s beds, but so far I don’t feel overwhelmed or hopeless at the prospect. That, too, is different this year. Maybe I was languishing in a pot of my own for a year or two, and am now in good soil.

It’s been a good day, six hours in the yard, and I think I’ve earned my name back. 😉

3 thoughts on “Earning my moniker

  1. It’s been so hot here that I can’t imagine spending 6 hours outside working! We’ve been in the pool the past two days. I am happy for you though. I know it’s a lot of hard work, but well worth it in the end and years to come!

  2. Yesterday’s high was 89 and it was muggy. Fortunately, we have a great breeze up at our hilltop property, so it wasn’t too bad once I was out there for a while. I sweat buckets, but don’t feel very sapped by the heat as long as I drink a good bit of water.

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