Early Christmas present?!

We had a rude surprise as we were heading out to meet family this morning for breakfast in Columbus. Once again, someone’s broken out the van’s window.

Doggone it, WHY do people have to do this stuff? This is the sixth or seventh time it’s happened in the last few years.

Nothing’s stolen, and if people wanted to steal they could just open the door since we quit locking them after the Jetta’s stereo was stolen in a smash’n grab. No, it’s not motivated by theft, but just plain meanness. Someone drives by while a passenger throws a chunk of concrete, a rock or a brick at the window.

Take your pick, we’ve had all three hit our vehicles and one time found a large metal pellet from a pellet gun in the van after the same window was broken. Another time, someone took out the side view mirror on the driver’s side.

Let’s hope the USPS doesn’t decide to fine us for using Priority Mail tape. It’s all we had available and we couldn’t drop everything to go buy tape before driving to Columbus to meet family. We hope it holds in the cold and the rain we’re expecting. The van’s got so many blemishes at this point, we don’t even care if it takes the paint off. What’s the use of trying to keep any vehicle nice?


It’s just so frustrating, you know? State Farm sent us a nastygram last year after our car stereo was stolen. It didn’t threaten anything, just pointed out that we’ve experienced far more comprehensive claims for vandalism than the average customer. Gee, State Farm, tell us something we don’t know! We don’t have a garage or off-street parking, and we certainly can’t MOVE. What can we do? 🙁

If we turn this claim in, they’ll probably force us to have a deductible on the comprehensive or they’ll raise our premiums. Worst case scenario, they could drop us. Considering we’re still in the middle of the legal proceedings for my car accident of 2007, switching insurance companies right now is very low on my list of things I want to hassle with on top of everything else. And that wasn’t even my fault, not that these vandalisms are!

2 thoughts on “Early Christmas present?!

  1. This is so sad. I am sorry you went through this yet again! Did you end up sending in a claim?

  2. Yes, we did. It would have cost us around $400 otherwise. As it is, the rep Howie spoke to said they’ll probably just make us have a deductible on our comprehensive. We’re parking the van in my parent’s driveway several miles from our house. They don’t have a reliable vehicle, so they can drive it and hopefully vandals will leave our other vehicles alone.

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