Ear-ly to bed

Remember that rule I said I’d broken, the one about not sticking anything smaller than your elbow in your ear? Well, let me add another rule: If your ear is infected, do not touch or scratch it and then touch or scratch your other ear. It’s common sense, right? It’s pretty simple to keep this rule when awake, but I found myself scratching my ear while half asleep in bed…And I’m sure I’d scratched the other one first.

However it happened, now my left ear is following the same path my right one did last week. It has some mighty big shoes to fill, but it’s doing its best. On Monday, the doctor cleaned out my right ear, ridding it of the debris left over from its infection (yes, ouch…But I can hear clearly out of it now – woo! ). This man is the fourth doctor in the family practice with which we do business, and the one I’d not seen yet. This makes four different doctors I’ve seen in the space of ten days. I think that’s a record for me! Thank God, they’re all good at this practice, and their nurses are terrific.

He prescribed Augmentin XR and said to start using the Cipro drops in my left ear. So, I’ve now just conveniently switched from dropping Cipro drops in my right ear to dropping them in my left. In an all-too-familiar scenario, the left ear’s swollen and the drops aren’t getting down in my ear. I have a follow-up appointment with my own doctor at 1:30pm today, and I suspect she’ll have to put a wick in this one like she did the right.

The Augmentin has me feeling kind of queasy, but I can deal with that if it will help me heal. Broad spectrum antibiotics like this kill not only the bad bacteria in the body, but the good bacteria. To counteract the negative effect of the drug on my tummy, I’ve been consuming probiotics in the form of yogurt and an acidophilus supplement. So far, it’s really helped with the intestinal side effects (upon which I don’t need to expound).

But enough complaining! I am eternally thankful for health insurance and for painkillers. I recognize that my doctor’s practice is run well and they get me in there when I need to be seen, and I don’t wait long at all when I get there. I’m also very grateful that I am a homemaker right now, so I don’t have the added stress of having to work in pain or miss work and lose money and/or favor at my job.

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  1. I have heard that eating a piece of chocolate (like a Hershey’s kiss) before taking medicine can help keep your stomach calm. We do this with my daughter and it seems to work.

    I’m sorry about your new ear infection!!!

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