I never thought I’d be one of those people. You know, one of those people with a little PDA poised in hand while waiting in line at the drive-thru or while sitting in the *ahem* library.

I laughed at Howie’s fixation with his little PocketPC toy (though I must admit to often grabbing it so I could play some Bookworm before going to sleep at night).

I thought it was so cute and funny how he carried it with him everywhere, but I just didn’t see myself ever really having a need for one. I’m very paper-bound, you see. A quick look at my desk would tell you this.

On a sidenote, we’re readers in this house. Our tastes differ in genre, but books are a staple here. A quick look at my desk, coffee table or nearly any flat surface in the house would tell you this.

How does this tie in? Well, since he had bought the giant hardback of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and was building up arm muscle as well as reading it, I did some looking around online and found a ebook editions in the format he needed, just so he could read it on his PDA.

Around this time, he discovered that Microsoft was giving away free e-books for the summer to promote their Microsoft Reader and the sales of ebooks. He downloaded a bunch of them, including one by Lisa Gardner called The Killing Hour. I’m a fan of hers, ever since reading The Survivors Club. Nosy, I checked out this Reader program one night instead of playing my beloved Bookworm. I didn’t think I’d like reading on screen at all.

Oh. My.

Did you know you can read in bed, with the lights out? You don’t even need a book light! The PDA is small and easy to hold, unlike a large, unwieldy hardback books (like this one). And ebooks are infinitely more portable; you can have dozens of books on one, plus have room to spare for some of your favorite music to enjoy while reading.

Once I realized how wonderful it was to read books on one, there was no turning back. Our bed, previously a place of love and harmony, became a bargaining table not for sex, but for who had PDA rights for the night.

So…Yes, I now have my own. I found a used Dell Axim X5 at eBay for only a few dollars more than than they sell for new. It was well worth the price because (1) it’s still under warranty until May 2004 and the seller is transferring the warranty to my name, (b) it came with an extra 256mb SD card and… (three) Ready for this? It included a compact flash wi-fi card. Wooo!

Yes, I am a geek.

Now I can read books and surf the web wirelessly on my own little geeky PDA. I prefer surfing the web on a full-size monitor, but this is hand for text-based news and, of course, blogs. Now the only thing Howie and I squabble over is who gets to use the wi-fi card.

It’ll be fun if we go to Cup o Joe’s in German Village – they’re a wi-fi hotspot, meaning those with a wi-fi card can access the internet while in their establishment.

Oh, my. Now I just need to get the Bathroom Readers in ebook format…

5 thoughts on “E-Namored

  1. Yes it was well worth the 200 to get my PDA back. I think I still have 2.50 left to buy something else. I love my PDA they are so great to read on.

  2. Joke? Library? Pray tell, why? Because we hear muffled laughter coming from behind the door when we leave any Paul Reiser books in there?

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