Dusting off the alarm clock

I head back to work tomorrow, for the first time in about a year. Aside from taking a couple of short-temp temp jobs here and there, I’ve not worked since summer 2000. I’m going to be working part-time at my church, probably just a half day a week. So, tomorrow I shall find myself awaking to the rude sound of an alarm clock – ack! But I’m really looking forward to working there, so I’ll survive. 😉

Howie and I worked out in the yard for two hours this afternoon. We decided to work in the yard together two hours a day, before he has to get ready for work. I deviated from the plan and ended up working out there until 6:30pm, though. I made up two window boxes with brilliant blue and purple wave petunias and yellow pansies, and one box with wave petunias and a couple of Martha Washington geraniums (pelargoniums, if you want to get technical).

Lastly, one big pot now has six white peruvian daffodil bulbs nestled down in its middle, topped off by yet more wave petunias and pansies; that ought to be really something when it’s all blooming. I’ve missed having annuals. Color! All season long! Wooo-hooooo!

There are a few less weeds out in the island bed now, thanks to some labor-intensive hand-weeding. I am going to zap some stuff with Round-Up, but some of the grass and weeds were growing in with good stuff and I don’t want to risk any spray getting on my precious babies.

Well, I am dog tired and am going to toddle off to bed and play Bookworm on Howie’s PDA until I fall asleep. I have to get up at about 6:30 or 7:00am. The horror of it all.

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