Dumbing down of Coke commercials

We just watched one of the latest Coca-Cola commercials on TV and noticed a change since the last time we saw it. This is the ad in which a college age guy asks his buddy if he can have his Coke bottle cap. His buddy replies that he can have it if he’ll run around the house in his skivvies. Once the kid strips down and exits through the front door, he’s locked out.

Evidently skivvies are an unknown commodity to testosterone-laden, Coke-swilling, video-gaming American youth, for now the cap-hoarding dude challenges his friend to “run around the house naked”.

Either that or they just prefer nakedness, regardless of who gets naked. Either way, I’m sure skivvies is a pretty antiquated term when it comes to the coveted demographic Coke is trying to sell.

By the way, if you’d like to take a trip down memory lane and view old Coca-Cola advertising, cruise on over to the Library of Congress website. Talk about eye candy!

2 thoughts on “Dumbing down of Coke commercials

  1. That was fun and I think I’ve voted for Rupert at least twice a day since the voting began……I am so lame.

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