Drive-thru banking

Tonight as we headed home from some late-night grocery shopping, Howie did a double-take as we passed Huntington Bank on North 21st Street.

It looks like someone took a little detour through the front of the building. By the time we drove by, the driver was gone and people were inside the bank cleaning up broken glass and debris. Howie turned the van around so I could take a couple of pictures. Here’s one of the shots. Film at eleven.

Update: No one was injured, thank God. Here’s the story out of the local paper, The Advocate:

1 person cited for crash into bank
Advocate staff reports

NEWARK — One person was cited in the crash that left a hole in a North 21st Street bank Thursday night.

The crash occurred at about 9:15 p.m. when Ryan S. Gee, 25, of the 400 block of Catalina Drive, Newark, was driving westbound on Catalina Drive and turned south onto North 21st Street in front of a northbound vehicle driven by Troy Jones, 18, of the 100 block of Parana Drive, Newark.

Jones attempted to avoid the crash, but still clipped the rear of Gee’s vehicle. Jones swerved, leaving the road and crashing into Huntington Bank, Frey said.

No one was injured.

Gee was cited for failure to yield when turning left.

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  1. thks for leaving a msge on my blog.. visit often, hope ur having a great xmas with you and yours! We did too.. u know me, pics will posted shortly.. lol I have a small ultra slim little digital fr KODAK that i use.. it’s black, and it’s a V605 or 610 something like that.. 4x optical zoom, 5.0 megazpixel.. I just love it.. it’s just as small as my celphone.. and takes the best pics! hugs bonnierose

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