Down du bayou

Sorry for my long absence, y’all. I’m writing today from the home of our good friends in Louisiana. These are the same folks we visited last Thanksgiving, where we enjoyed our first crab bawl (or, boil as we nawthuners say it) and turducken, along with a really great time visiting.

This time around, I flew down here all by my lonesome on October 19; Howie couldn’t take time off work. This is my first extended time away from my hubby, and I really miss him! I have had a wonderful time here, but I’m anxious to see him Tuesday when I arrive back in Ohio! Oh, and to cuddle my puppies and kitties will be joy sublime. 🙂

The temps here have been in the upper 80’s, even in the 90’s one day, but the humidity has been way below normal for them. It’s as though God custom-sent weather my wimpy northern butt could handle! It actually felt cooler than August in Ohio to me. Today a cold front came in, and tomorrow is supposed to have a high in the upper 60’s (they’re freezing, but I’m looking forward to it!).

My friends live in Thibodaux, near Houma, and below sea level. It’s mind-boggling to me to think of digging down a foot or less and hitting the water table. Obviously, people don’t have basements, and they bury their dead (and mostly-dead, Angie) in above-ground graves and masoleums.

I’ve much more to write about:

  • Camping at Grand Isle (thumbs up)
  • Ron Guidry’s swamp tour (thumbs down)
  • A storybook wedding at Oak Alley Plantation (two thumbs up)
  • And more!

    But this entry has me pretty much written-out and the rest will wait for installments.

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    1. Can’t wait to read the rest, missed ya but am happy to hear you’re having a good time minus your better half.

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