Double rainbow

Yesterday, I got to enjoy one of those unique weather perspectives: being right on the line between thunderstorm and sunshine.

The storm was a fast-passing one, a dark grey smear that cut through the blue sky and fluffy, white cumulous clouds around it. The sun shone brightly just north of me, backlighting the raindrops that cascaded from the sky. It was magical to see the raindrops sparkling like billions of diamonds as they streaked toward the earth. I watched them hit housetops and splash off in great sprays.

There was a double rainbow in the sky, too, and I laughed in wonder as I saw streaks of lightning cut through it. I turned the van around and headed back into the direction of that stormy sky and the rainbow. My best shot still doesn’t do it justice, and by the time I got to more scenic surroundings (like our house!), darker clouds had moved in closer to earth and most of the rainbow was covered from my view.

It was a tremendous gift, this sight, ten minutes of true wonder. I love those moments.

3 thoughts on “Double rainbow

  1. That’s awesome that you were able to see it and get a photo! BTW, I’m not used to seeing yellow on the traffic lights; they really show up better.

  2. Oh, shoot…I need to fix the galleries. I keep meaning to do that. Can you say short attention span? Short…atte-…Oh, look! That flower’s blooming!!

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