Door-to-door cookie dough

Two little girls just came to our door, braving the loud barking of our two dogs. I must at least award them points for bravery.

cookie_dough.jpgI’m afraid it ends there, however. There was no polite preamble, “Hello, M’am. We’re raising money for our school’s library fund”.

Nope. I was met with the pared-down version, swathed in mystery: “Would you like to buy a tub of cookie dough or a magazine?”.

Had there been a tubs of cookie dough in their hands, hell yes I’d have bought some. Perhaps it’s best they didn’t. As it is, I politely intoned, “No, but thank you.” They were already turning away as I said it. I’m such a heartbreaker.

Okay, back to yard work. There’s been a lot of changes both inside and outside our house. More later!

3 thoughts on “Door-to-door cookie dough

  1. I’m with you. It’s a lot easier to buy something when you can have instant gratification. I hate ordering through one of those school catalogues and then having to wait.

  2. I remember those days – No instructions on how to sell, no sympathy for those in the class who would rather NOT knock on somebodys door and bother them ….. Just – “Go out & Save The School!” (or the Boy/Girl Scouts or the Church or …) My Newspaper Delivery District Manager was like that. I just told him, “Anybody who wants the paper will call the paper.” Of course I was a smart mouthed 14yr-old then but …. I didn’t even like collecting 🙂

    Kids NEED to have real instruction on sales. Scripts etc & if their parents are allergic to sales – they probably will be too – like your visitors. The REAL question however is – WHERE were their parents anyway. Most kids in elementary school should have their parent(s) at the end of the driveway. At least an older sibling …… Kathy was a natural, still is. She’ll talk yur arm off until you gave in and sign up for whatever. Real Hard to say no to.

    Just my nickle 🙂

  3. Absolutely their parents should have been with them, or at least an older sibling or other family member. Times have changed.

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