My life’s not real complex this week. We got the new Dell, and I’ve been having fun getting everything tweaked and put into its place. I am so glad to be back on Windows XP. I love the interface and the ease of networking with it. Howie switched his computer back over to XP now since he now has my hand-me-down which will better handle it. Our network was up and going in minutes, aaaaah.

We had a couple of days warm enough that the snow melted and turned the back yard into a mud pit, then an afternoon and night of rain…Then freezing temps and a dusting of snow again. At least the mud’s frozen for a few days, nice when you’re talking twelve muddy dog feet to wipe at the conclusion of each walk!

My whacked-out back is feeling better, slowly, and I’ve been puttering around the house vacumming and de-junking. Having this comfy recliner pulled up to the desk gives me little incentive to keep cleaning, but clean I must!

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