Dog Days

Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!Here’s my mother, victim of a doggie avalanche. Would that be a puppalanche? The dogs love to cuddle, and with three of them, it can get pretty crowded in the old recliner. Good thing mom loves dogs, heh.

Is anyone else watching Animal Planet’s new series Dog Days? Howie and I think it’s a hoot, thoroughly enjoyable. We know…It’s probably 90% staged, but it’s still fun watching these folks as they cater to and play with their canines. The one couple from Episode 1, Lori and Stephen, really remind us of Mad About You’s Paul and Jamie. Only Lori and Stephen, like my own DH and I, have decided that dogs are preferable to kids of their own.

I wish our own city had a dog park. The only Ohio dog park listed on Animal Planet’s site is in Cincinnati – just a tad too far to go (especially considering Buddy gets carsick, yuck). A friend who works for our local city government told me the subject of a dog park has been brought up recently at city council. I zapped an e-mail off to the fella in charge of Parks & Recreation today, letting him know we’d be in wild favor of such a place. Who knows…Maybe it could happen. Our poor pups need the exercise, and it would be great to meet other doggie people.

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