Directionally challenged

I am the first to admit, I have trouble driving in cities – especially when rattled. Okay, this extends to driving in the country, too, but really only when I’m stressed. The rest of the time, I can just meander around and enjoy the view. Oh, but last week’s commute to and from Baltimore from Frederick….that had my neck muscles in a knot.

Heading over to Johns Hopkins each afternoon wasn’t so bad, largely because it was daylight, plus I was looking forward to seeing Howie. Heading back at night, though, that was mind-numbing. I was okay as long as I had a printout of directions and stuck to it religiously, but any deviation got me all turned around and confused (especially when I was tired).

If this happens to me in Columbus, it’s not usually that big a deal because I eventually hit some road I’m familiar with, or at least have an idea where I am. But in the Baltimore area?

It would have helped if I’d taken time to look at the Maryland and Baltimore maps to familiarize myself with the major highways and, in the case of the Baltimore City map, landmarks. Somehow, I didn’t really consult those quizically-folded treasure troves of information until Wednesday or Thursday night. And just as soon as I did have a better idea of what roads led to the highways I needed, Howie was released from the hospital and I didn’t have to worry about it so much anymore.

To sum it up, this was me this last week in Baltimore:


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