Digital picture frame spread virus

According to a ComputerWorld security report issued January 23, Best Buy is in the hotseat for selling digital picture frames infected with malware (AKA a virus). The 10.4″ digital photo frames were sold under Best Buy’s house brand, Insignia, and there’s a release posted at the brand’s website.

This information is not new yesterday, for the great Engadget blog reported it January 17.

This is a good example of how those not even online can find themselves with an infected computer. Even those who are online and protected by software like ZoneAlarm and/or hardware-based firewalls such as wireless routers are fully capable of infecting their computers — all from within their home. The affected picture frames will copy the virus onto the media cards inserted into them, and in turn the virus will be copied onto the owner’s computer the next time the media card is accessed.

If you don’t have anti-virus running on your computer, I highly recommend these free programs:
Grisoft’s AVG Antivirus
Avast Antivirus

There are several more out there, but these are the two we have used regularly on our PC’s.

4 thoughts on “Digital picture frame spread virus

  1. Seagate/Maxtor was including them with hard drives earlier this year. or was it late last year ?? Some disgruntled employee decided to sabotage the company ….. 🙁

  2. hey Boy Howdy are those photo frames expensive! but they are Very Useful & I bet they are cheep when you add up all the physical frames you didn’t buy. Which reminds me – I need to add the new pics of my latest grand-daughter to Moms photo-frames. 🙂

  3. Thanks. I downloaded the free program today. But I don’t think my picture frame had a virus. The program did find 8 sneaky add programs.

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