Digital Dock Rocks!

I have got to start going to bed earlier. Over the last week or two, I’ve been staying up progressively later at night. I got to bed at 8:30am today, and slept until 2:00pm. Our hours are backwards to begin with since Howie doesn’t get home until almost midnight from work, but I’ve been outlasting him and sleeping later than he does. I almost made it with no nap yesterday — So close! — but I was literally falling asleep sitting up at the desk and had to sleep a while. Renewed vigor come midnight – Not good! *sigh*

At least my wakefulness was productive last night. I continued my comparison shopping over the half eastern hemisphere for office furniture, in search for a desk or workstation. After looking at desks at stores and online, I was continually brought back to the O’Sullivan desks with Digital Docks. What a great concept! The desks have a bay built into them beneath the monitor shelf, and your computer’s tower goes in it. Your computer’s drives are right in front of you, and the connectors on the back of the computer are readily accessible. I love how the tower is up off the floor without taking up useable space on top of the desk. has free shipping on orders over $50 (most items are delivered in one business day, too). They have a special right now with a free hutch when you buy the desk. There’s ALSO a coupon code for $40 off a purchase of $200 or more available at (you have to click through from their site for it to be applied, and it’s for new customers only). I feel I did my homework and came away with a great deal on this desk, especially considering the free delivery to my door. The L-desk has no drawers, so I got the matching 2-drawer rolling filecabinet to slip under one side (like they have it pictured). I should get the desk Tuesday and the file cabinet within a week…Yippee!

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