DH and I worked our butts off

DH and I worked our butts off in the yard Monday, starting a new bed beneath the fir trees using principles we’ve read about lasagna gardening to do this.

We got down a layer of newspaper and a layer of compost, then I sprinkled Miraclo-Gro’s pre-emergent on it so no weed seeds would germinate. In another week or so, I’ll sprinkle some grass clippings on there for nitrogen, then we’ll add the last layer, hardwood mulch. We probably won’t plant very much under those trees since it’s so dry and the roots are so close to the surface; we’ll put a lawnchair and chaise lounge some friends are giving us there, and have some potted plants around them.

We ordered pizza last night from Pizza Butt, whupped and not wanting to cook. For once, we didn’t eat the whole thing, so that’s a plus. We each saved a piece and had that for brunch out on the patio this morning, LOL.

We went to bed around midnight and were up and outside at 9am, something rare for us. It was cool and wonderful, with the fountain splashing in the pond and the birds singing. A storm front rolled through around 11am, and we were glad we gotten up early so we had time to enjoy the patio before it hit.

Poor Sarah, our beagle mix, was beside herself with worry when the biggest storms came through between 1-6am. She wanted to crawl under the bed, but we’d put boxes around the edge to block her way because of how she got stuck under there last time she shimmied her way in the nether regions of Underbed. Poor doggie. Poor DH – he couldn’t sleep because she was restless and wanting comfort all night long!

He had to work today, but I took a long nap on the couch with the puppies. But I’ve had a cold, so I can say it was for my health. 😉

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