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A friendly shout-out goes to two friends of mine: Dave and Wanda. Dave is Dave Whitinger, Linux whiz and creator of the website at which Howie and I are very active, Dave’s Garden.

Wanda is a member at DG and someone with whom we’ve enjoyed both online contact and a weekend-long visit with others in 2004. She not only gardens, but she is a fabulous cook (don’t even get me started about her cookies!).

But there’s more. On June 29, her local ABC affiliate KCRG aired a segment which included information about Davesgarden.com, plus an interview with Wanda. How completely cool is that? See for yourself.

Hey, I know that woman! And the world, how she is shrinking. I love how the Internet has brought together a hugely diverse world, all over a love of getting one’s hands in the soil.

Here’s the transcript, since I’m sure news websites don’t keep stories online forever.

Website Sprouts Garden Growth
Wednesday, June 29, 2005, 5:15:21 AM

By Steve Nicoles

(Cedar Rapids – KCRG) –All kids today know how to use the internet. But now their parents are finding a blossoming idea online.

If you are looking for Pamela Williams, or maybe you cannot find 42nd Street, or you just want a Little Fantastic, you will find it all in Wanda Lunn’s Cedar Rapids yard.

Lunn has been gardening for 15 years.

Two years ago she found the gardener’s Holy Grail; www.davesgarden.com.

The web site started as Dave Whitinger’s garden-variety journal.

Over the last five years it has sprouted into a fertile resource for everything plants.

Lunn has made many friends and met them in person.

But what has truly helped the online garden bloom has been trading flowers with other members.

Lunn wrapped up some stems for one woman she met online.

Lunn said, “This particular lady lives in Nebraska and asked for irises, so I promised I would send some out to her.”

Lunn is fascinated with day lilies.

Do not tell her they look the same.

Lunn pointed out the difference of two day lilies.

Pointing to the flower’s petals, she said, “This is called a recurve, it’s curving back on itself. This is a spider variety and has long skinny petals.”

Lunn found the website has more to offer than any nursery she knows.

She says about 75 percent of her garden comes from trading.

She has rare breeds which she says are not available at most stores.

Lunn said, “You’re not going to find moonlit masquerade.”

Rare breeds, new friends and better health.

Lunn is diabetic.

She says a half hour of gardening lowers her blood sugar better than an hour of fast walking.

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Not convinced yet? If you’re interested in gardening, come on over and play!

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