Demon kitty

Last Sunday night’s King of the Hill, “Petriot Act” had Howie and I in stitches! Hank signed up to foster the pet of an enlisted soldier. He was expecting a dog, a real “man’s man’s” kind of dog.

He got Duke, a cat. This cat had his son Bobby terrorized. At one point, poor Bobby piped up from another room, “if I quit petting him he bites me….It’s like having a time bomb strapped to my lap!”.

When it pooped in Hank’s shoes, Hank’s wife Peggy suggested Duke needed to go to the vet. The Hills were required to take Duke to the owner’s vet of choice, one with an elite, ultra-modern, thriving practice — and the high prices to match. He ordered all kinds of diagnostic tests and even had that cat in a little cart like they use for paralyzed animals. The Hills’ vacation fund was drained.

Hank takes the cat to their own vet for a second opinion. Hank reported the cat throws up all the time. His vet replies with a line that made us roar: “Cats vomit. They eat food and vomit. That’s what they do.”

How true. How terribly true. Anyone with dogs and cats is no stranger to body fluids. Funniest thing, this nasty cat is just purring and friend as can be with both vets.

Despite finding nothing wrong with Duke thus far, the expensive vet refused to sign off on Duke’s health papers. He says he really needs to run every available test before doing so. But while Hank was at their own vet, a medical diagnostic equipment sales rep came in and talked about the latest and greatest machine he was selling. Hank asked if the speciality vet had it, and the salesman poo-poohed it, saying that guy only had the next-most recent model because this one was so expensive it would put him out of business to afford it.

Hank took a brochure and headed back to the expensive vet’s practice, which had a full waiting room. He asked if the vet intended to do any scans of Duke, and the vet excitedly pointed to his machine and said they would. Hank pulled out the newest machine’s brochure and said, “Oh, but it isn’t this newest model”, naming it. He loudly asked if this vet didn’t consider his patients important enough to warrant his buying the best equipment. In short, he embarassed the vet into signing off on Duke.

The show really is clever and well-written, one of our favorites. There are episode guides and other neat tidbits at the official King of the Hill website. It’s in its ninth season, and we think it’s as funny as ever. Lots of reruns to enjoy when the mood strikes us, too.

Humor aside, there really is such an organization as the one for which Hank and Bill fostered the animals. Check out for more information.

3 thoughts on “Demon kitty

  1. I have never watched that show on a regular basis, but each time that I do watch it, I love it! You told about this episode very well! I’m sorry that I missed it!

  2. This is a test comment. I commented on this earlier, but it didn’t take for some reason. I shall try again 🙂

  3. I saw that episode too!

    It was funny,.. that evil cat though,..yikes I didn’t get it though at the end. Did they give the cat back or not?

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