Dear Freecycle, furnish my whole house

Sometimes the wanteds on Freecycle are amazing. As a friend said, “she thinks Santa is on Freecycle”. Who knows, perhaps the Jolly Old Elf really is. We’re all having to scrimp these days, right? Ooh, maybe Santa’s regifting!


Alternate version:

Dear Freecycle,

I have overextended myself by buying a house. Therefore, I require everyone to give me lots of stuff to fill its rooms, because I need to have stuff. Lots of it. For free. But I’m particular, especially about coffee tables.

New Homeowner

I’ve coined a hashtag at Twitter: #greedcycle. If you have examples of greedy or funny Freecycle posts, post a screenshot somewhere (blurring identifiable info, please!) and link to it in your tweet. Be sure to use the #greedcycle hashtag.

Let’s see if we can start a trend there.

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