Dear dairy…

Yes, I meant to say that. When you see this you’ll understand why. I love this gal’s site and hope she puts up many more fun flash animations! Be sure to watch the bunny re-inactment of The Exorcist, too.

3 thoughts on “Dear dairy…

  1. OhMyGosh what’s wrong with me I thought that was to funny. Oh please let there be no religious spirits learking to go around me that go tsk, tsk, tsk as I laught my head off……ha ha ha plop.

  2. HAW HAW HAW!!!! i loved it. especially the bunnies doing the exorcist. what creativity! oh, and i loved the “marlon brando” diary entry.

  3. I’ve never actually seen the movie, but had seen enough bit pieces to know that this was hysterical! Thank you for the link and the laugh 🙂

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