Dear Barnes and Noble

You would think a company as large as Barnes & Noble would be able to process more than one gift card per order for their customers. However, they will only accept one gift card per online transaction.

For those of us who, for instance, would like to receive B&N gift cards as survey incentives from such online market research companies as Harris Poll Online, this means we have no choice but to redeem the cards in a store. I ran into this a couple years ago when I redeemed points for what I thought would be a $30 gift card. However, my HiPoints incentive arrived as six $5 cards.

B&N’s customer service assured me back then that they would soon allow customers to bank their gift cards in an online account and use more than one card. Checking their site today, I see they have not yet implemented this. I wrote them via their website. Here is my open letter to Barnes & Noble’s online division:

From: GW
To: Customer Service
Sent: 5/4/2007 2:58:52 PM
Subject: General Question
Order Number: N/A

I am a member of Harris Poll Interactive and in the past have redeemed my points for B&N gift cards. HiPoints distributed my $35 worth of gift cards in the form of seven $5 cards. I was very disappointed when I attempted to place and order at B&N online only to learn that your website will only accept ONE card per transaction. I had to go to a B&N store to use them, very far out of my way.

At that time, I was assured by your customer service folks that you were soon to have it possible for customers to enter multiple gift cards online. It just makes sense. Browsing your help files just now, I see that still is not offered.

Truthfully, I would rather pay out of my pocket for an order than redeem my points for “free” B&N gift cards which I can’t use unless I drive to a B&N retail store; the closest is 30-40 miles away, too far a drive with gas prices as they are.

I urge you to allow customers to enter multiple gift card numbers online as does — it is a matter of service. This has really turned me off of B&N in general. I am really disappointed!

4 thoughts on “Dear Barnes and Noble

  1. Hmm – Didn’t know that about B & N. They were just a long way out of my way and because Borders does the E-Dance with Amazon I always redeemed my points for Amazon cards. In fact I’ve NEVER gotten physical cards. I always ended up just pasting the number in at checkout 🙂

  2. I know! If Harris Poll offered Amazon cards, that would be my preference…In a heartbeat. I love! Other market research companies offer them as a choice, but not Harris. It really bums me out!

  3. Someone named Theodore replied and told me I could place an order online and choose the “pay by phone” option, then call in and redeem multiple gift cards with the customer service associate. I replied that I don’t want to have to make any calls – that I want to place the entire transaction online.

    The latest reply I received, this one from someone named Courtney, was just a copied and pasted explanation of the ordering process and how to redeem a single gift card online. Their e-mail customer service is abysmal so far.

  4. I don’t blame you for not wanting to drive 40 miles to redeem something that was supposed to be free. It’s no longer so free when you have to pay $3 a gallon for gas!

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