Dean Koontz Hawking New Book!

At first, I thought it was spam, but I decided to take a look at it just in case. It wasn’t spam. It was, however, very funny – as gross, quirky, and entertaining as his books. No surprise there, but it’s great fun to get a newsletter as deliciously written as this. Read on…

THE TAKING by Dean Koontz

You’re buying tanning oil in thirty-gallon drums at a warehouse club, searching for the most elegant available headgear featuring two beer-can holders, getting ready for a fabulous summer, and-WHAM-you’re broadsided by a new Dean Koontz book asking for some of your leisure time (in stores May 25th). You don’t have to give up any hours on the solar broiler to read it because paper will not spontaneously combust in sunshine. If it’s your copy, you can read it while lounging on a pool float or while stuffing your face with corn chips soaked with guacamole and salsa, spotting the pages with abandon. If you want to spend a week eating chili dogs and riding an amusement park roller coaster, you can listen to the unabridged audio, stopping the recording only when you feel the need to indulge in a little projectile vomiting.

THE TAKING is probably the scariest and fastest-paced book I’ve written in a while. It is an adventure story with several twists, one of them huge, and I hope you’ll enjoy it whether on a beach, in a pool, on a roller coaster, or in jail following your arrest for driving while reading. This is a story about perception, about how our experience and culture prepare us to see the world in a certain way…when perhaps reality is very different from what we believe it to be.

Now go have a great summer, but be careful of those new genetically engineered flying sharks.

Dean Koontz


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