Curled at my feet

This morning, I’ve been sitting in the recliner doing some stuff on the computer and playing with Stella. She lay down on the floor over by the kitchen door, but after a couple of minutes moved over by me so she could curl up at my feet with her head resting on my foot. It’s kind of funny having a dog that does this, especially since Emma and Sarah almost inevitably choose a soft sofa or chair over the floor. Stella, though, is quite content stretching out on the hardwood. She’s adapting well to our household, though we’re trying to learn her little body clock. There’ve been a few accidents, but it’ll get better. She’s a little love! We have acquired a crate and I’ve begun getting her used to it. We’re going to feed her in it and today I’ve been tossing treats in it, then praising her and saying, “go to your crate” when she sticks her head in it. In her eyes, we want the crate to be a good thing and not a punishment.

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