Cup casualty at Caribou

Earlier today, I grabbed a mug from the dish drainer at work and was the next thing I knew, there was the sound of breaking ceramic and I was left holding nothing except the handle. The thing just separated at the places the handle was attached and crashed onto the tile floor in the back room.

I checked the rest of our mugs right away. It would be a very bad scene if that happened to someone holding a steaming hot cup of coffee. Coffee shop peeps, wherever you are, be sure to examine your coffee mugs regularly!

Oh, and then when I showed my boss the handle, I cut my thumb on the darned thing. This is me with the killer mug handle and my bright blue, finger-cot-covered thumb.



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4 thoughts on “Cup casualty at Caribou

  1. Sort of like the car window that shattered on us spontaneously while driving yesterday morning.

    Gotta thank your lucky stars things ended so well.

  2. Exactly, a thumbdom.

    Joan, I’m glad y’all weren’t hurt by the glass.

    Tami, I’ve got everyone I can looking at the handles.

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