Cuisinart SM-70’s maiden voyage

She did a great job on a batch of focaccia bread dough containing 6 cups of bread flour. I’m very pleased with how sturdy the machine is and the dough hook worked great to mix the dough and knead it.

Focaccia bread, hot from the oven

I made the basic dough recipe from the Cuisinart manual and recipe book, enough for three 9″ rounds of focaccia bread. It’s topped with onion flakes (I reconstituted them first), kosher salt, black olives, olive oil, parmesan cheese, dried rosemary, oregano, and basil.

It smelled as good as it looks, and it tastes even better.

The dough had the consistency I’d hoped for. I am eager to make wheat bread and see how it turns out.

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  1. Kim and Howie,
    Hope all is well.
    I thank you for always thinking of Sarah and I. I miss her dearly!
    I am on FB under Lorraine Romeo, or you can email me at

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