Cruel packaging

The generic loperamide HTC anti-diarrheal product distributed by LNK International of Hauppauge, NY, takes the prize when it comes to cruelty in packaging. LNK is, by the way, the manufacturer of the store brand “Equate” OTC drugs sold at Wal-Mart.

Anyone who’s deals with upset tummy issues, with miserable bouts of diarrhea, knows how urgently that little aqua Immodium-like tablet is needed. When you need them, you need them fast. You want to ingest these pills as soon as possible, hopefully in time to stave off another worried dash to the restroom.

Normally, manufacturers of these tiny, blister-packed helpers include a small perforated strip which facilitates the removal of the packaging. But not LNK, oh no. With their brand, you’d better have some sort of sharp implement with you. Check out the directions on the back of the blister-packed tablets:

Scissors? Are you kidding me?

Scissors? Are you kidding me?

Is this packaging some kind of sick joke? Who the heck carries scissors in the pocket or purse?They obviously can make perforations, since they included them for the purpose of separating the packaging into individual portions. Why did they not carry it a step further so people could actually get the pills out of the plastic without resorting to the use of blades?

And, no, you can’t simply push the pills through the cardboard packaging. There is some sort of untearable layer in there, one I think is made out of the same tiles NASA uses to protect the space shuttles during re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere.

They do know people need this stuff in a hurry, right?

4 thoughts on “Cruel packaging

  1. I have bought the kind you describe and they are terrible and you do have to use scissors.
    Equate does make a kind of anti-diarrhea pill in a small bottle though. It looks EXACTLY like the Equate baby aspirin bottle, except it’s not. You open it once at the top and that’s it. Look for it next time you are at Wal-Mart 😉

  2. Yeah, so much for blister packs. Very few are easy to open anymore. Chewable Tylenol Jr.? OMG! Solving a Rubik’s cube is easier!

  3. Packaging does seem to be getting more and more aggrevating these days. But, I an one of those who actually carries a small pair of scissors in my bag at all times along with a set of small screwdrivers… lol they come in handy and have made more than one man scratch his head when he came unprepared to do something and I calmly hand him a screwdriver and tell heim “here, use mine”.

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