Crown me

In answer to Tami’s question about the dentist slapping me, I’m not sure what my mom did. I was only in second grade, and all I remember is being terrified of the dentist after that. I don’t know if she reported him to any board or what happened. Flash forward to today…

My tooth is the same. The dentist did some diagnostic stuff, having me bite down on things to test for sensitivity, and then had the hygienist take x-rays (they do 18 of them – very thorough!).

He said he can see cracks in the two back molars where I’ve had the pain, but the x-rays don’t indicate any infection. I told him this isn’t unbearable if I take the Ultracet and chew on the other side of my mouth, so we left it that I’m going back this Wednesday for a cleaning and the rest of the exam. He will know more then. He said something about putting in temporary crowns, but I’m not sure what the long-term solution is if they’re temporary crowns.

On a side note, the hygienist saw my address and asked how long I’d lived here. She grew up in my neighborhood and went to the school near our house. It was fun to meet someone who knew many of my elderly neighbors a couple decades ago. She also told me she has a 10-week-old English mastiff puppy named Jackson. It’s amazing the conversations you can have in between having dental x-ray films positioned in your mouth.

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  1. Sounds like this dentist knows how to care for scared patients! I’ve got one like that as well….very nice (and cute too!)

    PS: Thanks for all your support on my blog. I’ll be updating soon.

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