Couple wanting to adopt

This flyer is on the bulletin board at Caribou. A couple is seeking a baby to adopt, asking for people to contact them, care of a lawyer who appears to specialize in adoption law.


The picture’s a little blurry, so here is what the text reads:

Looking to Adopt

We are a professional couple wanting to start a family. If you are pregnant and not sure what to do, please consider adoption. We have a lot of love to share.

Mary Catherine Barrett Co. LPA 1.888.34-ADOPT

Reference: Wendy

I often think how ironic it is that Howie and I never chose to have children, while there are many couples whose heart’s desire is to welcome children to their home. I really do wish this couple well and hope this post might come up in search engine results for women who are struggling with what to do with an unwanted pregnancy. As you can see, there are people like these who will gratefully accept and love the baby!

2 thoughts on “Couple wanting to adopt

  1. I guess this is the fastest way of finding a baby; maybe faster than an agency. For some reason this reminded me of Juno. I love that movie.

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