Construction: Day Three

Work’s progressing nicely. The former garage door opening is now a wall with two windows, a door, and vertical vinyl siding. The latter was the idea of Contractor John; he thought vertical would be better than horizontal, and it really does give the illusion of the wall being taller. The raised subfloors in the front room and bedroom are down, as well as some floor extending outside the bedroom into the laundry/storage area of the basement.

Because the height of the doorway is shorter than standard, we had three choices: getting a custom door, getting a smaller door only 32″ wide, or getting a standard 36″ door and cutting some off the bottom. The custom door would have been too pricey. The smaller door was, well, just too small (imagine moving furniture in through a 32″ wide door). So, let’s make a deal…We chose door #3.

I’m still getting used to it being cut off short. Because it’s a steel door with panels, it’s obvious the door’s been cut off at the bottom. I’ve been fiddling with Photoshop, though, and notice it is not so noticeable if we paint the door dark green and the frame of the little lemon wedge window white. That draws the eye up from the lower portion of the door. There will also be a screen door which, alas, must be cut down to fit, also. I’m crossing my fingers that it will look a little more normal.

I know, I know…A picture’s worth a thousand words. I have more pictures, but I’ve been busy today and just haven’t gotten them into an album and uploaded just yet. Right now, I have homemade stuffed peppers baking in the oven, a hungry tummy, a hubby with a hungry tummy, and a videotape of tonight’s Survivor.

Priorities, you know.

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